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Getting To Diani Beach

Getting To Diani Beach

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Diani can be accessed by the Sea, by Air, and by land.

  • By Sea – By far the least common way used to access Diani, this is normally done by seafarers from Zanzibar who import merchandise through the Shimoni Port. However, from Mombasa, one can get private boats to access Diani.
  • By Air – The major airlines serving Diani, (Jambo jet, MAS ) fly to Diani Airstrip from Wilson Airport and JKIA. It is also key to note that there are private charter planes that fly people in and out of Diani to nearly any location in Kenya, the most common being Maasai Mara, MIA & Vipingo.
  • By Road – If you prefer self-driving, you can comfortably drive to Diani and the road infrastructure is suitable for all types of cars.
  • By Railway – For those coming from Nairobi and wishing to travel by train, once you arrive at the Mariakani SGR station there is public service transportation both in taxis and matatus for Diani.


Diani has plenty of TukTuks, Motorbikes, and taxis. Besides that, you can also self-drive or ride by hiring bikes and car rentals from the shopping center.


We have consistently updated the Diani. travel platform to make it a one-stop digital shop where you can access all information about Diani and book experiences that suit your budget and preferences.



The good thing about going your own way when exploring Diani is that you can be as flexible as you want. Schedule your activities to a suitable timeline and then contact the activity providers for bookings and confirmation on time and availability, especially for water-based activities which at times are subject to weather.

Get more information on what to expect from both activity providers and from the review sections of both Diani. travel and the activity provider’s website.



Go thee & do what thou wilt, Diani is all your’s for the taking. Give feedback to the activity/service providers, let them know what they did well, and what they can improve on, and while at it let the world know the kind of experience you had. Take a camera with you, and capture these beautiful moments.


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